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Paulownia fortunei is a fast-growing deciduous hardwood species that belongs to the monogeneric family Paulownia-ceae. Paulownia spp, have a very wide distribution in China and are intercropped on 2.5 million ha of farmland. It is native to China and has also been introduced successfully into many other countries, like Japan, Korea, and India, in Asia, Europe, America, and more recently Australia. The wood of Paulownia is lightweight, strong, soft, straight-grained, and mostly knot-free with a satiny luster. It has a wide variety of commercial uses ranging from log homes, non-structural building uses, and paper making to furniture and musical instrument production.

Overview of Paulownia fortunei Genome Project
Whole genome shotgun (WGS) strategy was adopted in Paulownia fortunei de novo sequencing with illumina solexa sequencing technology. The gradient insert libraries of 200bp, 500bp, 800bp, to 2Kb, 5Kb, 10Kb, 20Kb were constructed based on the features of repeat sequences in the species and were sequenced by paired-end in order to cross many different repeats in assembly. The sequencing depth reached at least 60X genome coverage to ensure the precision of each single base and genome integrality. The whole genome map of Paulownia fortunei was generated.